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Flags, Flyers and Banners Policy

NIPOC is an IRS approved non-political, non-profit 501 ( c)(3) educational organization. As such, while we welcome people of different race, ethnicity, political and religious backgrounds, we do not endorse any particular political view. When it comes to displaying flags at our events, organizationally as an Iranian-American United States based organization, we primarily display the flag of the United States of America following the proper flag protocol.

At NIPOC, our events and activities are centered on bringing people together in harmony. As such we celebrate cultural events that unite us and help promote our culture and heritage. These events that are celebrated by Iranians of all background and persuasions include Norooz (Persian New Year), Mehregan (Persian Festival of Autumn), and Yalda (Persian Winter Solstice Celebration).

While unfortunate, the current and past Iranian Flag has become a controversial subject in some circles of the Iranian-American community. Although everyone agrees on the three main colors (Green, White, and Red), the Insignia inside the flag is subject of controversy. To avoid disruption and friction at our events, organizationally, we do not display any Iranian Flag insignia. We do however respect the wishes of our supporters, sponsors, and business entities who display at our events. They are authorized to display Iranian flag with insignia at their booths, tables and other authorized locations while participating at our events. NIPOC treats all authorized flags with utmost respect and expects the participants to do the same.

The safety and security of public is of most concern to us. Anyone trying to disrupt our events by distributing and installing unauthorized Flyers, Banners, and Flags or deface NIPOC property at our events will be given a verbal warning. In case of non compliance, we will ask security personnel to remove such persons or objects which disrupt the harmony and safety of our events.