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NIPOC Founders

NIPOC salutes the founders whose vision and foresight during the past four decades have made this great organization as it is today.

Dr. Farrokh Shokooh

Dr. Farrokh Shokooh is the CEO and founder of Operation Technology, Inc. (  OTI, developer of ETAP, is a full spectrum analytical engineering firm specializing in the planning, design, analysis, operation, training, and computer simulation of power systems.  The idea of celebration of Mehregan Festival in Orange County is attributed to him.  Dr. Shokooh is also very active in Iranian-American community.

Dr. Ahmad Mesbah

Dr. Ahmad Mesbah is the CEO and founder of General Documentation Resources – GDR (, a documentation company specializing in translation, notary, fingerprinting as well as facilitation of international trade for firms dealing with overseas entities.

Dr. Mohsen H. Hashemi

Dr. Mohsen H. Hashemi President and CEO
IQA Solutions Inc., PhD in Chemical Engineering, UC Santa Barbara, PE in Chemical Engineering

30+ years of Experience – served as President and CEO of INOVx Solutions a company providing 3-D technology in asset documentation and information managements, Senior Executive Director of Fluor Corporation, Director & Product Manager of Simulation Sciences an international software

Yousef Alinaghian

Yousef Alinaghian is also the co-founder of CRC, Computer Research Center, Inc. ( In addition to his many years of volunteer work at NIPOC and Mehregan, Yousef is very active in Toastmaster Club helping individuals improve their speech and presentation abilities.

Kazem Alinaghian

Kazem Alinaghian is the co-founder of CRC, Computer Research Center, Inc. ( CRC is a computer systems integration company specializing in hardware, software, maintenance, training, plus specialized as well as customized products and services.  Kazem has been an active member of NIPOC serving on Board of Directors as well Advisory board for many years.

Kamran Moayedi

Kamran Moayedi is co founder of Enterprise Commercial Development, a company specializing in commercial and medical real estate development in southern California. Mr. Moayedi has served on the Board of Directors and Advisory Board of NIPOC.  He has been active in Mehregan Festival since its inception in 1994.