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At NIPOC our goal is to help our community, connect professionals 

Promote Persian Culture & Traditions

NIPOC is a place where professionals meet & network

Volunteers donate their valuable times

Sponsors contribute and support




NIPOC Vision

To be the predominant informational, cultural, and connectivity hub and resources for Iranian-American professionals.
NIPOC Mission

NIPOC Mission

NIPOC is a non-profit organization, with no political bias or religious affiliation.  We promote professional employment and business opportunities among our members, raise public awareness of Persian culture, and promote service by Iranian-Americans to public and social causes in our community.
Iranian American Networking Professionals
Professional Events
Nipoc Annual Gathering
Annual Gatherings
Nipoc social events
Social Events
Nipoc networking events
Networking Events


NIPOC family offers great networking opportunities that are unmatched. Our goal is to cultivate a community of professionals with common objectives to connect, inspire, and elevate our influences to new levels. We welcome driven, dynamic, passionate members to participate and contribute to our cause.

Networking Events with
Vast Career Opportunities

NIPOC is an inclusive hub for professionals in diverse fields
and industries creating opportunities for new connections
while assisting with career development and business partnerships.
NIPOC members will benefit from premium services such as
resume review, portfolio creation, and interview preparation.

Membership Concessions

NIPOC regularly holds cultural, educational, and social activities including but not limited to the followings:

Norooz, Sizdeh Be Dar, Yalda, Annual Economic Forecast, Business &, Management Classes, Educational Classes, Career Counseling, Monthly Mix@6,, Job Fairs, and Wine tasting. Members are eligible for various perks and discount coupons.

NIPOC Marketplace

NIPOC Business or Platinum memberships offer you access to NIPOC’s marketplace, which is viewed by NIPOC’s members and the general public. Furthermore, your products and services will appear on NIPOC’s weekly and monthly newsletters. Marketplace allows entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their expertise, services and products to the community in the most efficient way.

Career Consulting & Mentoring

Free Career Counseling and Resume Review

Find Talent

Explore our database for industry talent in every field ranging from art, engineering, and business

Professional Podcasts

You would have the opportunity to listen and ask questions from successful and influential NIPOC members who have made significant contributions to the community. To nominate your candidate, please complete the Podcast Form.

Our Impact

NIPOC is and has been a leader in promoting synergy among Iranian Professionals and the community for over three decades. Our mission is to continue the same momentum and passion for the future generations of Iranian-Americans.

Membership Plans

We encourage you to collaborate, contribute, and participate in NIPOC committees and activities. Your participation and sponsorship allows us to provide rich cultural events, quality business and social networking events for the Iranian- American community of Orange County. This is a great opportunity to make an impact in the community while developing lasting friendships and connections.


Student & Newcomers

NIPOC provides amazing career and networking opportunities as well as Free Resume and Portfolio Review. Students are eligible for 5% discount on services or products on NIPOC marketplace.



Silver membership offers significant benefits to individuals who need to join a like-minded, supportive Iranian community and can benefit from various networking and business opportunities.


Small Business

Gold Membership is the ideal membership type if you are an entrepreneur or a professional that needs to connect with a supportive and active community to offer your products and services. Your business will be listed on our website and on NIPOC Business Directory.



Platinum Membership offers the ultimate membership. Membership benefits include: Invitation to VIP events, Listing on NIPOC’s Board of Director’s Page,Your company’s, profile on NIPOC’s website, Listing on weekly and monthly newsletters (sent to more than 12,000 members).