Board of Trustees

Roles and Responsibilities:


·       Revise and update by-laws

·        Decide on new chapters and societies

·        Responsible for endowment campaign

An endowment campaign is a fund-raising campaign that raises money for an organization to invest rather than spend. The proceeds from an endowment campaign are placed in an endowment fund, the income from which is used by the organization to meet ongoing expenses, cover capital expenditures, or fund special projects and programs.

·        Appoint the President as the Executive Director of NIPOC

·        Approve appointment of Society Chairs

·        Set high level strategic vision and direction for NIPOC



·        By invitation and approval of the Board of Trustee

·        Initial members include Yousef Alinaghian, Kazem Alinaghian, Kamran Moayedi, Farrokh Shokooh, Ahmad Mesbah, Mohsen Hashemi (six founding fathers), Majid Azartash.

·        Chairman is elected by Board of Trustee

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NIPOC is a grass-root, non-profit organization, with no religion preference or political affiliations. Our Mission is to promote professional and business opportunity among our members, raise awareness of rich Persian heritage/culture among Iranians and Americans, and unify Iranian-Americans in serving public and social causes in our community. 

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