NIPOC 2006
19th Board of Directors

Hamid Falah, President
Nader Tajbakhsh, Vice President
Nader Razavi, Treasurer
Asita Aminian,  Secretary
Tara Hosseini
Bahar Khatibloo
Afshin Nejad

Anahita Ghalandar

Hamid Falah

1/12/2006 Hyatt Hotel, Irvine US and California 2006 Economic Forecast
Dr. Esmael Adibi

Pictures Archive

2/2/2006 Caspian Restaurant, Irvine Mix@six
3/2/2006 OC Plaza, Irvine Iran's Nuclear Program,
Dr. Nader Baherzadeh
3/26/2006 Hyatt Hotel, Irvine NIPOC Norooz Celebration  
4/2/2006 Mason Park, Irvine Sizdah Bedar Image result for sizdah bedar
4/6/2006 Caspian Restaurant, Irvine Mix@six
4/29/2006, Jimmy Z, Irvine NIPOC Dance Party
5/4/2006 OC Plaza Irvine Women's Rights in Iran
Mary Apick
Image result for mary apick homeland
6/28/2006 Caspian Restaurant, Irvine Youth Appreciation Awards  
7/12/2006 Caspian Restaurant, Irvine Business Mixer
8/3/2006 OC Plaza, Irvine Iranian Success : Farhad Mohit  
Sep 9-10 2006 Orange County Fairground, Costa Mesa

Program Details

Video Clip, Afshin Nejaad

Pictures Archive, NIPOC

Picture Archives, Mehregan Entrance, Sohrab Riahi
Oct. 5, 2006 Caspian Restaurant, Irvine Business Mixer (Mix @Six)  
11/9/06 How to Deal with Iran, Co Sponsor with world affair Council, Sir Eldon Griffits Image result for iran
12/6/2006 Caspian Restaurant, Irvine NIPOC Election for 2007

12/22/2006 Hilton Hotel Irvine Shabe Yalda
(Yalda Night)

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