NIPOC Proudly Presents
Adopt a Norooz Banner Program

Give a Message of Love by Adopting

a Norooz Banner
Cost per Banner: $100
 Pay On-line

Wishing you a new beginning, full of Hope with Gifts of Love for Peace & Joy; Wisdom for Health & Wealth

On February 23, 2016, NIPOC NoRooz Banners were installed and displayed at multiple locations throughout the city of Irvine, California. 
The NoRooz Banners announce the arrival of the Persian New Year and promote the message of Love, Peace, Joy, Wisdom, Health, Wealth and Hope.


Farrokh Shokooh
Majid Azartash

Shams Hashemi

Ramin Behnam

Fardad Fateri
Saeid R. Hirbodi

Mohsen Hashemi

Ben Khalaji

Ayeshah Toorani Morin